Hello Friends!
WELCOME! I am Namrata. Welcome to my Kitchen of culinary arts! Today, I want to share with you about myself and why I have started up Royss Kitchen.

Cooking is my passion and I love it. I started developing interests in cooking since a tender age. I love learning, inventing and experimenting new food, cuisines, and culture. Basically, I am a journalist that makes me go beyond boundaries and my comfort zone to meet new people, read about places and things. I love to meet new people and learn about their life, culture, food and success. My job taught me to write about many intellectual subjects and I wrote on various topics during my 10 years span of experience in business journalism. One of the important subject that I am really well-versed is entrepreneurship.

The concept of Royss Kitchen’s cookery school developed during my journalism career or even before that. The love and passion for cooking have made me realise to start something of my own and do the things which I love the most. I tried out many recipes at home, and taught people and received tremendous motivation from my surroundings. This made me more determined to start up the cookery school.

After quitting a full time job with a renowned publication The Times of India, I started the cookery school. I invested my time on cooking various delicacies for my family members and friends. I tried out and prepared different cuisines at home for guests. Friends, family members and neighbours always show interests on how I cook a particular dish. Many people told me including my husband (who himself is a big time foodie) to do something that I am best. I gave a thought to it and started reading plenty of blogs, watched cookery TV shows, read about celebrity chefs and got inspired from Hollywood movies. While doing so much and ‘Mastering the art of cooking’, I finally decided and was ready to give something back to the society. I realised that the possible way to foray into the food market will be through sharing my knowledge on gastronomy. So, I started teaching people the simple thing i.e. ‘cooking’.

The recipes mentioned on the lesson page of our website have been launched after ample of research and practical experience. Honestly, few I have acquired through the cooking instructor, trainers and Chefs from reputed hotels/restaurants via meeting and networking during the period of my journalism.

Teaching and guiding my dear ones and now students make me very passionate about my work. All love and appreciation made me realise to achieve my dream to become a cookery mentor and work independently. I am sure this journey will give me better knowledge, learning and experience.

About Us
MasterChef Cooking at Royss Kitchen is an ISO certified firm which provides the best cookery classes in Delhi. The Cookery Courses in Delhi will inspire you to discover your passion for culinary arts. Whether you are a beginner or a kitchen pro, there is something to learn for all at Master Chef Cooking classes in Delhi. You will be surprised by how quickly your culinary skills improve with us. We provide both short-term courses, certified courses and other special courses to our students with hands-on cooking experience and guidance.
How it Works?

Step 1: Browse Lesson: Search our range of classes online and pick your favourite cookery lessons. Our lessons are designed in such a way that you can enjoy what you learn. Get more information on our cookery classes in Delhi by surfing our lesson page.

Step 2: Book: How to find us? You can contact Masterchef cookery class through our social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and others. Ring us directly on +91-9599695436 for an appointment and booking.

You can email your requirement at contactmasterchefcooking@gmail.com

We will be happy to help you!

Step 3: Cook: We will greet you with a drink and then you will be heading to the kitchen. Our cookery class in Delhi have all the necessary amenities.
Step 4: Learn from the best: Learn from us how to bake the best cupcakes, muffins, cakes, cook popular street foods, dress salads, prepare international cuisines and of course learn Masterchef Cooking Royss Kitchen's few signature recipes.

Step 5: Dine with us: You will not only have the hands on experience on cooking in the class but definitely, we will serve you buffet for your own created dishes. So, be our guest too and feel at home.