What do you know about Zulbia? Oops ‘Jalebi!’

Zulbia is popularly known as Jalebi especially in South Asia, West Asia, North Africa, and East Africa.  It is deep fried maida flour batter and soaked in Kesar syrup. It is crispy and tasty to have it on any occasion. It is very popular in Iran and Indian subcontinent. In India, it is consumed by people during festivals, particularly.

Holi, India’s most famous festival is around the corner. Jalebi can be the best items on the lists of menus during Holi celebration. I am preparing myself to serve the guests with this delicacy. And why not, Desi Kesari Jalebi is so yummy and delicious!

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Last year, I remember, in Kolkata, people celebrated Holi, by organising a Jalebi competition. The participants munched jalebis and had a gala time in the event. I am sure in 2018, Jalebi will add more innovation and live to the Holi season. Holi parties will bring youngsters, elders and kids together for celebration. Undoubtedly, Jalebi will add more happiness and sweetness.

Though the roots of Jalebi is difficult to trace, it is said that it has been originated from the ancient Persia where the sweet was known as Zoolabiya or Zulbia. During the 13th century, it was prepared during the Ramzan and distributed to the poor class.

In India, it became popular with the Persian speaking Turkish invaders. People started loving the sweetness of Jalebi and soon it became a popular delicacy for many in the Indian households and in the culinary culture.

There are different types of Jalebi available in India:

Jaleba: In Indore, there is a night food market, where vendors sell the popularly known Jaleba. It is also renowned in the state of Uttar Pradesh as well. People prepare such delicacies in different occasions and life events.

Paneer Jalebi or Channar Jilibi: The most popular street food and the homemade recipe are Channar Jilibi. A Bengali delight, Channar Jilipi is widely eaten with samosa in the West Bengal region of India. Paneer Jalebi is widely named in the North Indian states of the country.

Mawa Jalebi: Mawa Jalebi is sweet delicacy found in the parts of Madhya Pradesh as well. With the right flavour, Mawa Jalebi is everyone’s favourite.

Imarti or Jhangiri:  Imarti also known as Jhangiri is a dessert belonging to Rajasthan. Imarti is an Indian sweet famous among people. A traditional Indian sweet made of urad daal.

Besides India, Jalebi is widely consumed in other neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc. One can take a bite of Jalebi with rabri, a popular Indian traditional delight!

I hope you will enjoy 2018 holi festivity with this sweetness and organic colour.

Author: Namrata Roy

An enthusiastic journalist, founder of Masterchef Cooking Food Blog, and an educator. I strongly believe that “We are what we eat. We should think healthy, eat healthily and live healthily.” I choose to select the quality ingredients that make a food delicious. I don’t buy anything unnatural. I don’t choose an ingredient that I have not used it since my childhood. I experiment with my food but not with the ingredients. I believe to eat natural food, not adulterated and preservatives ones. I recommend the same to all such as Kids, Men and Women in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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