5 major difference between Microwave Oven and OTG

Our students in the cookery classes have asked us the major difference between Microwave Oven and Oven Toaster Grill (OTG). In our last week’s baking class, we had students whose curiosity in baking developed while they were learning the basics. I remember, a young lady Surbhi, who is a software engineer said, “I would like to know the amazing thing an OTG can do for me rather than a microwave oven.” Being a food consultant, educator and journalist, I feel that it is important for me to jot down few points to help an amateur really understand the functioning of both the electronic appliances. Quickly, I described her the below mentioned five major differences between Microwaves and OTGs, which makes these devices quite portable to use. I hope the below-mentioned differences help you as well.

Ongoing Baking in OTG
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Know how these devices differ from each other:

1)In Microwave oven, the cooking is done through heat waves just like a pressure cooker does. Microwaves are a type of electromagnetic wave. On the other hand, in OTG baking is done through heating of the rods.

2) In Microwave mode, you can cook rice, and heat up food quickly. However, the microwave should have a convention mode for baking but OTG is particularly designed for baking and grilling. OTG can prepare the limited amount of food. For instance, cake, cookies, biscuits, bread, soft rolls etc., can be baked in OTG. OTG is perfect for baking and roasting but not for cooking.

3) In OTG, it takes time to heat food but in a microwave oven, the heating is faster. In a microwave oven, the heat is distributed evenly i.e., from all sides but OTG does not provide even heat. These days many OTGs are featured with a fan as well. So, purchase OTG with good features.

4) For OTG, the consumption of electricity is minimal. OTG is quite economical to use but the same consumption is higher in the microwave, which will cost you high electricity charges.

5) In OTG, you will get better leavening of the baking items and doughy cakes or breads. A microwave oven generates currents, and not the required heat to give lift in the foods.

FACTS: Do you know Percy Spencer made the invention of the microwave oven in 1945 and the oven was first designed by William Hadaway in 1896.

Author: Namrata Roy

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