How cooking at a young age can help your kid?

Children want to learn new things. They need to get involved in certain activities. Usually, the most popular form of extra curriculum activity for kids are sports, arts and crafts, painting, etc. However, I suggest you involve your kids in cooking as well. Cooking is fun. It engage kids visually. It is more fun when you work together with your kid in the kitchen. Don’t shoo them away from your kitchen rather get them engaged in your kitchen tasks. Parents, I want you to understand why cooking can be the best activity for your kids. Cooking helps in developing the brain of a child. How? It is a ‘Jugalbandi’ of both math and science. There is a concept, measurement, chemical reaction, physics and language.

Preparing for Better Adult Life

I meet parents who let loose their kids in the kitchen from an early age, which helps in setting them for a better adult life. Kids learn very fast. Few parents realise the magic of cooking that can have on their children. Many housewives and working parents (especially mother) want to make their children independent. You will be surprised that I started cooking since a tender age. I love it. Today, I made it is my passion and profession. I teach whomsoever it may concern and give my best shot to it.

We cannot afford to let our kids not know where milk is produced. The survey said that kids in the many countries lack basic knowledge of dairy products and few could not even identify vegetable and fruits. When you admit your kids to a preschool, there is a potential scope for learning and personality development. In India, the trend of pre-schooling is in great demand. Speaking to the kids’ mothers I understand that pre-schooling makes a child smarter, independent, social, improve their communication skills, boost overall knowledge, and shape a child into a good human being. Preschool is an opportunity for kids to learn, share, follow instructions, and begin the foundation for learning that will occur in elementary school. Once in the kindergarten, the kids will have the pressure of new academics, sports, new friends, competition, etc. To get accustomed to this environment, parents are sending their kids to pre-schooling.

A eight year old kid learning cooking technique at Masterchef Cooking at Royss Kitchen

Enhance Learning

On the other hand, cooking is a fun-filled activity. Whether your kids perform in a group or individually, your kids will learn both concept and mechanism. Parents are unaware of the benefits cooking as an activity can have on their kids. I want to discuss the vital impact cooking can have on your kid.

Being in the kitchen will help kids to recognise veggies, fruits and spices. Not only this, they will also learn how an electrical equipment or motor works. In fact, a kid has different ways of learning and it is grouped into three basic styles- auditory, visual and kinesthetic (learning through physical activity). In the kitchen, kids will learn whatever is explained to them and remember the ingredients required for cooking. Kids may also enjoy group discussion and things explained verbally. Kids remember what they see and hear. Kids learn through watching. This is one of the most dominant styles of learning in the entire cooking process. However, kinesthetic learner wants to do everything that is being talked about or learned. They like to touch things in order to do something with them. Kids in the kitchen will behave in a similar manner to learn new things. Thus, cooking is the best kind of activity for kids in the today’s date.

Few tips to train your kids:

I suggest if your kid is two or three years old then engage him or her for washing the veggies that will lay the foundation for healthy eating habits. They will learn to maintain hygiene at a tender age.

You can teach your kids to mash veggies with kiddie fork, pour the liquid in the cake tin, stirring the mixture with a wooden spoon, sprinkling spices or seasonings, kneading and dough making of pizza base or Indian bread, etc. This will help them to sense the spices, smell the herbs, touch the veggies and feel the food.

What more you can do parents? Guide kids to plant the veggies in the kitchen garden or veggie patch. Teach your child how to seed plant, nurture them, grow and harvest it. How happy the kids will be when they eat lunch or dinner from your homegrown veggies and fruits. Kids will love the idea. Try it! The kids are having their holidays these days. Spend some time with them to seed a plant today.

Not only this, when you engage your kid and spend regular time with them in the kitchen, kids more easily learn seasonal eating, herbs, food quality, sourcing and procuring of food, and preserving too. It will also build a lifelong love for food.

The benefit of cooking on kids

Cooking will help your child to boost self-esteem, creativity, independent thinking improves imagination and discovers oneself.

The entire learning process in the kitchen will help to identify products and ingredients.

Enhance knowledge and grip on the subject. Help to develop the courage and put across questions without hesitation.

Moreover, kids will become patient and understand the value of waiting as cooking is quite time consuming process.

In my kitchen, I try to teach all the basics, introduce kids to new ingredients and herbs, and help them come up with a dish that they can call their own. Don’t forget to praise them and make them proud of their cooking. A pat on the back will make them more confident about themselves.

Author: Namrata Roy

An enthusiastic journalist, founder of Masterchef Cooking Food Blog, and an educator. I strongly believe that “We are what we eat. We should think healthy, eat healthily and live healthily.” I choose to select the quality ingredients that make a food delicious. I don’t buy anything unnatural. I don’t choose an ingredient that I have not used it since my childhood. I experiment with my food but not with the ingredients. I believe to eat natural food, not adulterated and preservatives ones. I recommend the same to all such as Kids, Men and Women in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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