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If you desire to pursue a career involving food, then you have found out the right place at the cookery class of Masterchef Cooking at Royss Kitchen. We have designed for you both certified and short-term courses to make you efficient in your culinary experience. You can learn with us the basic skills and make a career of your choice. There are cookery classes for beginners, newly married brides, young couples, and kids. 

We have the following courses in our schedule:

• Commercial Courses: Are you planning to open your restaurant or cafe? If yes, then Masterchef Cooking at Royss Kitchen has tailored a module for those who want to start up their new restaurant and cafe. Our recipes are prepared in such a manner that will give you the precise knowledge and practical learning. Our students those who have enrolled themselves for commercial cooking classes are well equipped now with basic knowledge, learning and hands-on practical experience. Certificate will be issued after completion of course.

Certified Cookery Courses: After completion of 8-day classes or modules, we will provide you a certificate. Our workshop will help you to gain confidence and knowledge on culinary arts. Whether you will be learning chocolate, baking, Thai food, Chinese cuisines or classes on nutrition or creating a menu for seasonal dinner parties, there is seemingly never-ending choices for the class schedule. In fact, certificate will be issued only after completion of the courses.

• Short Cookery Classes: You can get hands on cooking experience in our kitchen. The cooking class offers half-day (morning or afternoon) classes and full-day classes to our students. You will be provided instruction and guidance to prepare dishes quickly, tastily and with fun.

• Kids Classes: Kids will have gala time and enjoy cooking with us. Join us for some easy lessons where parents and children will learn together. We are happy to teach you, so, book for yourself a cookery classes in Delhi soon to get the best learning experience and ambience. 

• Private Classes: We provide private classes for our students on special request. Such classes are arranged occasionally in our kitchen as we belief in providing special attention to our students. In fact, we also keep weekend classes for the same. The Enthusiasts Cookery Courses are highly recommended if you wish to experience a cooking holiday as well in India.

• Bridal Shower: Besides preparing for the D-day, the newly bride-to-be needs to get ready for the married life. It is important for you to have healthy future. The best way to win someone’s heart is through the stomach. Your husband should be stunned with your culinary skills. To improve your skills, we provide the best bridal cooking package for you with hands-on experience. Discover the inner chef in you now.
• Couple Cooking Classes: Plan your quality time at our cooking classes. Put on your apron and prepare to whip up delicious cuisine, learn new recipes, and cook alongside your partner in our class. Learn cooking and baking from us with our well-crafted recipes and enjoy every moment together in our kitchen. 

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